Healing and Reiki 

Healing, Spiritual Healing and Reiki. 

Healing, including Spiritual Healing and Reiki, is a skill with a recorded history dating back thousands of years. It is a natural phenomenon which is effectively a flow of beneficial energy between the healer and the recipient which helps the body heal itself.

Healing involves working with the body's subtle energy system to help restore balance. From a spiritual healing aspect, many physical and psychological health problems are considered to stem from emotional and life issues that initially affect our subtle energy body. If these issues are not resolved they can gradually begin to affect the physical body and manifest into illness and disease.

Healing may be beneficial in a wide range of physical and psychological health problems, and complements traditional forms of medicine and medical treatment. More detailed explanation of healing and an overview of some research can be found on the Doctor Healer Network.

Healing can be profoundly relaxing, restorative and completely non-invasive. It may help to free your natural resources to work towards self healing.


Healing, Reiki and other forms of vibrational energy therapies require the channeller of the energy to attune to the particular vibration by using either intention, visualisation or symbols.

Once attuned, the healer / channeller will concentrate on the client with focused intent allowing energy to pass through their hands to the recipient. Hands are placed at varying distances around the body in the auric field, chakras and, sometimes by light touch on the body. Energy will be drawn to areas that are depleted or require balancing.

The healer generally feels a variety sensations in their hands and may sense areas of the body where the body's natural subtle energies are disturbed or out of harmony.

What happens during a treatment?

  • It is not necessary for the healer to know your medical history or problems in depth as there are few contraindications to healing. However, you will be asked if you have sought medical advice for any health problem and, where appropriate, may be advised to do so.
  • You will either be asked to sit in a chair or lie on a couch depending on the treatment and the length of the treatment being given. You remain fully clothed. The only items that you may be asked to remove are spectacles, coat, shoes or other incidental items.
  • The treatment is accomplished by panning the hands at varying distances above the surface of the body and sometimes, with your permission, may involve light touch on the body.
  • During the healing treatment you may feel the flow of energy in variety of different ways such as tingling, changes of temperature, pulsations or may have other sensory experiences. Some people find that emotions that have been suppressed might surface. Many people are not aware of the flow of energy and may just experience a strong sense of being relaxed.

Are there any side effects?

  • Healing is completely natural and generally has no undesirable side effects. However, healing might result in the release of a suppressed symptom relating to your illness and recovery which may make you 'feel worse' before feeling better.
  • More dreams or more vivid dreams.
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