About me

My professional background includes many years working in various nursing roles within the NHS gaining skills in midwifery, family planning, health visiting, practice teaching and management. In 2001 I developed a passion for complementary therapies following receiving some reflexology treatments myself. This led me to acquire a number of qualifications in this field, including reflexology for Maternity and Fertility and Light Touch Reflexology (sometimes referred to as Reflextherapy).

In addition to a number of counselling courses undertaken within my nursing career, my interest in the workings of the mind motivated me into further study of this fascinating subject which included attaining a Masters Degree (MA) in Jungian Psychotherapy and Healing.  Additional qualifications include hypnotherapy, HypnobirthingThe Fertile Body MethodHypnoFertility, neurolinguistic programming ( NLP ) and Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT ). I am also an accredited healer with the College of Psychic Studies and a Reiki Master / teacher in both Usui and Seichem Reiki.

My professional organisations / bodies are:
The Association of Reflexologists, the General Hypnotherapy Register, and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

CONTACT ME- Tel: 07956 100580 Email: triskele.scot@gmail.scot