Jungian Psychotherapy and Counselling

“Nobody, as long as he moves about among the chaotic currents of life, is without trouble”.

Your Life Path?

What path have you found yourself on?  The one that you wanted to be on, or has life’s events steered you off track, and as a consequence, have you lost sight of who you really are?  Or, perhaps you feel that you are on the right path but life events have made the path difficult to traverse. Our paths expose us to a huge variety of different experiences, some of which are accidental, some are forced upon us and others may be self-inflicted. However they came about, some of the experiences can leave us troubled with difficult thoughts, behaviours we don’t want, overwhelming emotions or perhaps confusion about who we are and what we really want. 

Jungian Psychotherapy
Jungian psychotherapy was developed by Carl Gustav Jung, a pioneering psychologist. This type of therapy explores the deeper levels of your psyche to help you discover who you really are, what is out of balance in your psyche and to empower you to consciously make changes that will help you become more balanced and whole. In order to bridge the realities of the conscious, physical world with the deeper unconscious, therapy may include working with dreams; using creative imagination including guided or open imagery; artwork and creative materials. This can enable integration of all aspects of our ‘Self’ including our darker sides, latent potentials and qualities.
Together we can explore the circumstances and areas of your life that are of concern for you and help you find your own way through any difficulty. Psychotherapy and Healing can support you on your journey to perhaps find the gold, the inner gold of your true self.

What’s the difference between Psychotherapy and Counselling?

Psychotherapy is often considered a more in depth exploration of who we are and how we function so as to gain a greater understanding of ourselves and why we do the things we do. Counselling is perhaps seen more for difficulties that crop up within our everyday lives whether to do with behaviours, relationships, bereavement or loss and so on.  However, it is difficult to separate counselling and psychotherapy because getting to know ourselves better helps us understand how we respond to the issues that crop up in our lives and also affects the way we deal with them.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become”.

What will it cost?
  • During the initial session we work out between us an agreed way forward.
  • Generally appointments are for 60 minutes and are usually at the same time each week though there may be some flexibility.  
  • The number of appointments required will vary and progress will be reviewed at agreed intervals.
  • The fee per session is £30
  • Payment may be made weekly or in blocks in advance.  This can be discussed during the first session.
Some concessionary appointments are available. Please contact me for more information
Please be aware that if you send me any sensitive medical/health information, I will only hold and use this if you attend for an appointment. If we do not book an appointment I will erase this information. For further information on my Privacy Policy please go to the Privacy Policy page listed in the menu
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