Hello and welcome to my website offering a range of holistic therapies near Elgin, Moray, Scotland. I practice several therapies which can be used either individually or integrated and tailored to your specific requirements and individual situation.  Therapies include Jungian Psychotherapy and Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Healing Therapies and Reflexology. You will receive a confidential, professional and non judgemental approach to therapy.

Whilst I have experience in many conditions, I have a particular interest and experience in pre-conceptual care, fertility issues and pregnancy.

  • Psychotherapy and Counselling. Some of our experiences can leave us troubled with difficult thoughts, behaviours we don’t want, overwhelming emotions or perhaps confusion about who we are and what we really want. Psychotherapy and counselling can support you on your journey and help you find your own way through any difficulty.‚Äč
  • Reflexology can be a powerful holistic complementary therapy which may benefit people suffering from many physical and stress related conditions. It may help relieve tension, impove mood, aid sleep, help relax and improve a sense of well-being.
  • Pre-conceptual care and fertility issues.  There is a view that reflexology may help balance the body systems, reduce stress and anxiety and create the optimum  environment for conception.
  • Reflexology during pregnancy.  Reflexology may help maintain general wellbeing, aid relaxation and help to relieve many pregnancy complaints. May reduce length of labour and increase the likelihood of a normal birth.
  • Hypnotherapy may help a wide range of problems and conditions.  It offers a natural and effective way to overcome fears and phobias, stress and anxiety, addiction and habits such as smoking. It can be successfully used for weight loss and also many physical problems and emotional issues.
  • Hypnosis for Fertility   Hypnosis to enhance fertility and increase the liklihood of conception.
  • Reiki Healing and HealingA gentle therapy suitable for all physical and emotional problems. Healing therapy is a natural phenomenon which is effectively a flow of beneficial energy between the healer and the recipient which may help the body heal itself.
  • Combined Reflexology/Hypnotherapy. It is my experience that Reflexology and Hypnotherapy work particularly well together and therefore I offer the option of having combined treatments. There is a strong link between mind and body. 

CONTACT ME- Tel: 07956 100580 Email: triskele.scot@gmail.scot